And the Obama’s have a Neighbour

So we did a post sometime back on the Obama’s residence after the white house. What we didn’t see coming was their likely neighbours…………the Trump-Kushners. If you’re wondering whether “Kushner” is Donald Trump’s middle name , then your situation is pretty bad. The daughter of president-elect , Ivanka Trump-Kushner (are compound names necessary…..Ivanka rings a bell […]

After The White House…..Where Next?

Someone once quipped that 2016’s political campaign is America’s worst because citizens have to choose between two most hated personas.How true…..I can’t say.But while the republicans and democrats be battling it out for the white house,the sitting president is making preparations for retirement from the white house.Clearly,house-hunting is over. Initially,there were rumors President Obama was going […]

Who Is Your Neighbor?

Not exactly the right question to ask right? Like what’s your neighbor got to do with it (whatever “it” is).But then again , I ask “Who is your neighbor ?”. In my part of the world , people aren’t exactly neighbour-ly. And for that reason , they miss out on a lot. Now, many of us […]

What is your Closet Value?!!!!!!!

When a house goes on sale , there are factors that either increase or decrease its value. Factors such as road network , road furniture,water supply ,electricity , public amenities , neighboring home values , level of development , recreational facilities etc. From a logical perspective , they are the ideal standards. Never would you […]

Interesting Facts on Bill Gates’s Home

Everyone knows Bill Gates or at least microsoft. And we know he’s the richest man in America. But do we know how America’s richest man lives? Here are some interesting facts on his home. It took 7 years and cost $63 million to build his Medina estate The house was built with 500-year old Doglas […]