Theater Made of Shipping Containers

Just when you thought you had seen the last of shipping container innovation.   Source : Business Insider , Container Globe

Vertical Cities

UNICEF predicts that as much as 75% of global population would live in cities by the year 2050.That’s about 34 years from now. Should we be worried? Yes and No. Yes because that means increased demand on resources that make a city…..”A CITY!!!!!!”. And no because there’s an urban design concept that plans to integrate […]

Futuristic Floating City

I’m telling you guys. One day , half the world would be aqua-beings (going by global warming trends).They would adapt to living on and beneath water. Source : BusinessInsider  

The Office On Steroids

  How would you define the ideal work space? Roomy Large windows Excellent views Great parking Quality finish Superb furniture Lavatories finished in marble A place you just love to work in Those are good qualities but clearly not edgy. Probably that’s why the world’s most sustainable building is named “The Egde“. And what is […]

Egg-Shaped House

“What’s the connection between a newly-hatched chick and human habitation? A cozy shell.” Now that doesn’t sound like Einstein. (but it piqued your interest). In a drive for sustainable living (a.k.a green living) a team of architects have designed an egg-shaped,micro-apartment that is sleek and can be transported from point to point. Tagged the “Ecocapsule” […]

Question of Life !!!!!!

If this beautiful house is made out of shipping containers , why am I wasting money on cement? Source : Yahoo Homes ,

On Windmills & Mixed Use.

What does a mixed-used development mean? “Mixed–use development is—in a broad sense—any urban, suburban or village development, or even a single building, that blends a combination of residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, or industrial uses, where those functions are physically and functionally integrated, and that provides pedestrian connections”. That said , we can understand why modern […]

Fancy Trees……Fancy Tree House

Never seen a flower pot the size of  a jacuzzi? Here are a few facts on this fancy tree house Includes 190 mature trees They all are potted The goal of setting up the trees is to reduce noise,clean the air of pollutants and aesthetics It harvests rainwater to irrigate the trees The complex holds […]

Flower Energy

What is flower energy? Flower energy is a special flower that traps and converts solar energy. At least that’s the way I would define it. If you’ve seen Avatar or Titanic , then the name “James Cameron” should ring a bell because he directed both movies. And they are by industry standard , great movies. […]

The Most Eco-Friendly House on the Planet.

What does the term eco-friendly mean? Not harmful to the environment.In more ways than one , real estate is a major contributor of carbon footprint which destroys the environment.Frankly speaking , its unavoidable (except you know a green way of manufacturing cement and other housing components) until someone came up with the concept of a […]

Mobile Container Homes

As world population increases (a rate of 1.1% as at 2012) , experts are constantly looking at ways to utilize resources and space. Tiny homes are becoming the norm in many parts of the world and perspectives are shifting to green living. For container homes , there’s only so much you can squeeze into a […]

And It’s Getting Greener

A few years back, no one thought green living would be encouraged. But it’s happening. At the just concluded seminar organized by Pera-Beam Nig. Ltd and LG Electronics Korea, awareness was raised on the need for greener buildings and less use of electricity. By definition , a green building (also known as green construction or […]

Green Climate Fund

What is the green climate fund? The Green Climate Fund (GCF) is a fund within the framework of the UNFCCC founded as a mechanism to transfer money from the developed to the developing world, in order to assist the developing countries in adaptation and mitigation practices to counter climate change. As the world awakens more […]

Raise Your Voice , Not The Sea Level

Just what do we know of climate change or its dire consequences? What is global warming and why should we be bothered? The world has witnessed a good number of  environmental phenomenons in the last decade that are otherwise strange . Heatwaves , polar vortex , hurricanes ,forest fires, floods,dust clouds…………are these for-warnings of a global […]

Floating Homes…..An Alternative to Conventional Housing.

A key challenge of the 21st century is  global warming . What we tend to underestimate is the impact this change could have on our existence and lifestyle. With rising water levels and receding shorelines, there is a higher chance of flooding especially in settlements that are below sea level. This in turn creates a need for […]

Sub-Merged Living

Sometime back , I mean wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back , I did a post on a proposed city design where the city center would be an earth-scraper……an inverted skyscraper. Though there’s no update on how far the project has come. But that’s not the focus on today’s post.Today we are looking at sub-merged scrapers. Its like man […]

I Have A Dream

A great man once had a dream and I quote “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. Martin Luther King, Jr.“ I too have a dream. That one […]

The 2 foot by 2 foot Kitchen

The first time I read this post ,I thought to myself ” We seem to live in a world of small things and they keep getting smaller  and more compact by the day.” Smart phones with functionalities of a computer system. Tablets that serve as a control tool for everything from window blinds to tracking devices. Tiny apartments that […]

Wireless Electricity and Homes of the Future

Has it ever crossed your mind that electricity can be transferred wirelessly? That you can charge your home appliances without plugged wires? In a time of smart homes and the  IoT (Internet of things) , wireless electricity truly is an innovation that beats the imagination. Imagine what its like to walk into a room and have your […]

Tree House……..French Style.

What is a tree house? There’s 2 definitions a structure built in the branches of a tree for children to play in Tree houses or tree forts, are platforms or buildings constructed around, next to or among the trunk or branches of one or more mature trees while above ground level In other words , […]