Futuristic Bathrooms

Bathrooms are commonly conceived as either having shower trays or bath tubs.The designs and sizes may vary but its still down to a tray and a tub.And we assumed it was going to stay that way for a long time.Apparently , it isn’t. You see , tech was supposed to disrupt a few things.Print , […]

The Moody Nest

I guess innovation would never end as long as we have humans with very insatiable needs…..or is it wants (Oh my Economic classes!!!). First , it was a sofa that doubled as a bed.Innovators created just that.Now its a sofa that you can cozy-up into on a chilly day. And somehow,innovators came up with something.Can’t […]

Every Home Needs A Vurn Kitchen

Specially conceived for bulk purchase by developers,interior designers,co-operative societies,Associations and Clubs ,Vurn kitchen is a unique and affordable kitchen brand designed by Pedini and equipped with Bosch home appliances. N:B Prices applicable to a minimum purchase of of 49 units of Vurn Kitchen These products are not available to individual buyers Credit facilities also available […]

Photo-Maniac : The Hidden Pantry

Thinking  of how to hide your groceries from prying eyes? Source: Apartmenttherapy.com  

Photomaniac : Before & After Bath Re-Model

I kinda like the “before” bath. But no harm in something new right.There are actually more pictures to proof new is better than boring. Source: Apartmenttherapy.com  

Home Staging……Is It Worth The Potential Sale

Home staging is the act of preparing a private residence for sale in the real estate marketplace. The goal of staging is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling a property more swiftly and for more money. Did you know staged homes sell 88% faster than non-staged ones? Source: […]

Town House in Antwerp

The post title simply says Town House in Antwerp. It should have read “Doors of Antwerp” because I see nothing but 2 giant-sized doors. We get the message. You’re a very ,“open” and “welcoming” couple ,with hearts bigger than your doors. And that’s very noble. Source: archdaily.com    

The $112 Kitchen-Only in IKEA !!!

The mini-kitchen was designed for those times when “installing a large kitchen isn’t necessary, or too expensive and time-consuming,” and is perfect for a kitchen office or for those living in a small space. Source: Housebeautiful.com

Thermocool Remote Controlled Generators

Thermocool is a consumer-electronics brand that is, quite frankly, itched into most of our psyches. They’re into everything about home electronics and appliances ; washing machines , air conditioners , stabilizers, microwave ovens, table top cookers , standing cookers, refrigerators , freezers……….they are basically big , bold and in your face. But ever wondered how […]

Stick-able Tiles

Heard of smart tiles? They are stick-able,thin sheets that can be easily peeled and stuck on a surface.They are a cheap alternative to real tiles and very easy to install.Not to mention , they save time. To answer your question ,there actually, are ways of altering a rental to your tastes without causing major damage. […]

Small Home…..Smart Home

Michelle Tennant and Andy Knight had a few things on their wish list for their new home: a large kitchen, a spacious bathtub, a home theater, and a gym. That wouldn’t be a problem in many suburban houses, but the couple wanted to live in the Central district of Hong Kong. They ended up with […]

Bacteria-Free Bedsheets That Literally Clean Themselves

Did you know your pillow-case and sheets carry as much bacteria as you would find on a toilet seat? Did you know it is recommended that you wash your sheets and pillow cases every 2-3 days to combat bacteria? (Like we have the time) Thanks to a start-up company – Silvon – you can have […]

Re-Purposed Abandoned Buildings

An abandoned building is…..well , a building that is no longer in occupation.And at first,one would think there is no form of functionality to abandoned buildings.That’s where Rotterdam studio Kraaijvanger would prove you wrong.They have have chosen to see abandoned buildings in a different light and invented the “Hub”, a boxy 15-square-metre unit designed to be installed into […]

The Nap Desk

Now we can all look forward to office sleepovers Source: Countryliving.com  

Just a Tweak

Its amazing what a tiny / mighty change can do to a living space.Here are some before and after photos. Source: elledecor.com Dining Room Kitchen Kitchen Livning Room Dining Porch Kitchen Bedroom Living Room Living Room Kitchen Living Room Living Room Bedroom Bathroom Nursery Living Room Laundry Bedroom Living Room Dining Bedroom Living Room Living […]

The Stumble-Upon Sofa

A rug is a floor accessory right? Like when you think of a rug , you think of taking your shoes off and just walking on that soft fabric or even lying on it.Yeah , you may sit on it but more in a cross-legged position. Its after-all for comfort and aesthetic appeal. Until someone thought it’d […]

Kitchen of The Future : Touchscreen Fiesta !!!!!

To the super mums and dads (who can juggle it all) , your life is about to get even more super. You know why? Its because the kitchen of the future is so hi-tech , you’d wonder how you lived without it. Source: Mashable.com

The GazeBox

Guess a garage is just a box away !!!!! Source / Photo Credit : Business Insider / Gazebox.net  

Former NYPD Detective Lists The Most Dangerous Places In Your Building

When BrickUnderground set out to answer the question “What are the safest and least safe places to live in a building?” we went directly to our expert on security matters,Harry J. Houck, President of Houck Consulting, Inc and a retired NYPD detective. According to Houck, because of their easy access (and in some cases their hidden […]

YO Homes : Find Your YO!!!!

Its funny what a button can do these days. 10 , 20 years back , did we think at the push of a button the kitchen , dinning area would disappear and the bedroom would appear in their place? I’ve seen some magic but this beats them all.All from the creative minds at YO! Homes. […]