New Development: The Exchange, Accra – Ghana

Name: The Exchange Location: 7 Acre site close to Kotoka International Airport, Accra – Ghana Use: Mixed Use:  Residential – 100 Apartments & Penthouses (1, 2 and 3 bedrooms) Hospitality – 206 room Radisson Blu Office – 16,000m2 Retail – 12,000m2 Developer: Actis, Mabani Holdings Contractor: MSF Construction Project Manager: Profica Executive Architect: Dar Al-Handasah Design Architect: HOK Farrow […]

The World’s Tallest Modular Building

Is modular design really the future of the building and construction industry? Some architects and building professionals actually think it is. Like previously discussed , modular design is a system where an entire building is pre-fabricated off-site and then re-assembled in batches on site. What this means is 90% of a building is built in-house […]

A Haunted Listing(s)??????????

America just celebrated Halloween , an annual event thought to be associated with the Celtic festival Samhain, when ghosts and spirits were believed to be abroad.Its a time when children and adults dorn scary costumes for the fun of it plus its quite a commercial frenzy. In 2015 , Americans spent $1.9 billion on halloween decorations […]

Nigerian Construction Expert, Others Remodel US President’s House

United States of America-based Nigerian construction expert, Lawrence Dibor, has disclosed that he was among a consortium of professionals involved in the design and construction of the President’s House, a monument in the history and administration of the US. According to Dibor, the house is a memorial located in the Independence Square in the city […]

Theater Made of Shipping Containers

Just when you thought you had seen the last of shipping container innovation.   Source : Business Insider , Container Globe

Dubai Building the World’s Tallest Tower

The Tower Promises to be taller than the Burj Khalifa The new tower will have rotating balconies Landscaping inspired by the mythical hanging gardens of Babylon It will be completed in 2020 While there is no conclusion on the height,for now ,it is projected to be 2,700 meters taller than the Burg Khalifa The new tower […]

Skyscraper Walkway Without Handrails- A Daredevil’s Dream

Yes you read that right.A skyscraper with an observation deck that’s got no handrails.You would think the US Bank Tower Skyslide was the height of dare-devil stunts any sane human would engage in. But you’re wrong because the Jinmao Tower in Shanghai opened its glass skywalk to the public. Daredevil visitors can now walk or sit on the […]

Glow-in-the-dark Cement

Its interesting how the world keeps evolving, re-inventing the wheel and breaking new frontiers.You would think successfully landing a space shuttle back on earth was a defining moment in the history of man since we’ve always known for them to just erupt out of earth and never return. Or that trying to exploit asteroids from […]

US Bank Tower Skyslide

Some time back , we did a post on iconic towers around the world and their economic value.These towers serve as tourist attractions , pulling in thrill seekers and some good cash.One would think paying to get to a tower over a 1000 feet for a “view” is insane.Try sliding around the same tower for […]

Brexit & UK’s Property Market

  It was June 25th 2016 when the breaking news flashed across most television screens worldwide “United Kingdom votes to leave the EU” It practically took the world by surprise because while everyone knew of the vote,people just didn’t expect it to scale through.The pound crashed to its lowest levels in 31 years,European markets tumbled […]

Work Together-Live Together ; The Idea of Communal Living

Ever fancied the idea of living in the same block,house or apartment with a co-worker? Like some co-workers are just out-of-this-world.They come with a right dose of team-spirit,charisma,hard-work, sense of humor,support,experience,chaos,adventure-having them is on your side is like the perfect icing on the perfect cake.And you don’t want it to end at work.You want to […]

The Jeddah Tower

World’s tallest tower To be built in Saudi Arabia Price Tag: $1.2 billion It will be called the Jeddah tower and measure 3,280 feet or 1 kilometer which is 558 feet taller than the Burj Khalifa It will have 200 floors overlooking the red sea The tower is part of Jeddah City Project Altogether, its a $2.2 […]

Small Home…..Smart Home

Michelle Tennant and Andy Knight had a few things on their wish list for their new home: a large kitchen, a spacious bathtub, a home theater, and a gym. That wouldn’t be a problem in many suburban houses, but the couple wanted to live in the Central district of Hong Kong. They ended up with […]

After The White House…..Where Next?

Someone once quipped that 2016’s political campaign is America’s worst because citizens have to choose between two most hated personas.How true…..I can’t say.But while the republicans and democrats be battling it out for the white house,the sitting president is making preparations for retirement from the white house.Clearly,house-hunting is over. Initially,there were rumors President Obama was going […]

Re-Purposed Abandoned Buildings

An abandoned building is…..well , a building that is no longer in occupation.And at first,one would think there is no form of functionality to abandoned buildings.That’s where Rotterdam studio Kraaijvanger would prove you wrong.They have have chosen to see abandoned buildings in a different light and invented the “Hub”, a boxy 15-square-metre unit designed to be installed into […]

Cloud Corridor: High-rise vision for the future of housing in LA

Known for cutting edge architectural designs , the MAD team has set out to deal with LA’s (Los Angeles) urban sprawl by focusing on building vertically rather than horizontal.Not like that’s new. But they’re bring a twist to vertical structures.They’re connecting a cluster of towers with sky-high corridors, thus enabling residents to move between buildings without […]

Vertical Cities

UNICEF predicts that as much as 75% of global population would live in cities by the year 2050.That’s about 34 years from now. Should we be worried? Yes and No. Yes because that means increased demand on resources that make a city…..”A CITY!!!!!!”. And no because there’s an urban design concept that plans to integrate […]

The Ski Block.

Around the world, iconic buildings are known for their unique features.The most common being observation decks.Observation decks are probably a major reason for the never-ending competition on the “tallest building in the world”.Don’t get me wrong.These iconic structures are money-makers as tourist attractions.Like they rake in millions. And we know a couple of them.Burg Al-Arab,Burj […]

A Mansion for Jesus !!!!!!!

You just have to commend the imagination and ingenuity of people. Its funny how one can draw inspiration for a home design from a bible scripture.Like this home owner took time to really prepare for Jesus. A fancy mansion so Jesus isn’t ever stranded if he’s in town 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms.He’d be spoiled […]

Completion of Beaufort Ridge: A New Addition to Accra’s Skyline

Sometime back , we did a post on Beaufort Ridge , an upscale residential development in Accra Ghana. The project has been successfully completed and below is a message from the founder. Completion of Beaufort Ridge: A New Addition to Accra’s Skyline To All our proud homeowners, friends and family, We are incredibly appreciative to […]