Photo-Maniac : The Hidden Pantry

Thinking  of how to hide your groceries from prying eyes? Source:  

Photo-Maniac : Edgy Living

What is it with edgy living? What’s with the high derived from it? First it a was house attached to a cliff. Now its one on rocky alps. And just how are 9 people supposed to live in this? Source: Yahoo News

Town House in Antwerp

The post title simply says Town House in Antwerp. It should have read “Doors of Antwerp” because I see nothing but 2 giant-sized doors. We get the message. You’re a very ,“open” and “welcoming” couple ,with hearts bigger than your doors. And that’s very noble. Source:    

Eko Atlantic Updates

Clip by clip. Picture’s almost done. Looking southwest at a finished section of the Eko Boulevard, on the left, and Access 1 road (temporary designation), on the right. Along the side of Eko Boulevard stone pitching is used to help the sloping areas retain their form as well as provide aesthetics. Access 1 road is […]

Photomaniac: Eko Atlantic Update

A birds-eye view of the casting of Bridge 10, the Northwest Bridge near the Eko Energy Estate. Source: Eko Atlantic

Hmm………What’s Heritage Bank Up To?

Interior Re-Design

Ever wondered who interior designers are and what exactly they do? ………..Well, they make you look forward to going home. Isn’t that therapeutic? And the really good ones are worth every penny. Source:  

NYC’s First Micro-Unit Building

And these are made from shipping containers? Wow !!!!!!! Source: NY /    

Streets of New York.

“The streets of New York had either looked like brain synapses,computer chips or motherboards to me” Vincent Laforet. Source: CNN One Square Meter

The GazeBox

Guess a garage is just a box away !!!!! Source / Photo Credit : Business Insider /  

The Kiyono Eatery.

They say its a unique eatery because it makes the most of an irregular plot of land in hyper-dense Tokyo. I say its the perfect slice of architectural cake. Source: Yahoo Homes

Photo-Maniac: Suspended Swimming Pool

Can too much money be a problem? Like why suspend a swimming pool 10 floors above? But then,being rich means being different I guess. Source: Yahoo Homes

Photo-Maniac : Boxed-In.

Source :

Photo-Maniac : Student Living

Now I can’t really say much about this dwelling unit.But one thing I can say , its not the best option for those on the chubby side. Source: Yahoo Homes

Photo-Maniac : Living On The Edge

How do you live life on the edge?………1 picture. More here. Source : Business Insider  

Photo-Maniac : 13 Ways To Liven Up The Lavatory

The convenience or lavatory (toilet / bathroom) is a section of the house solely for the purpose of shit business and washing up. As such , it gets the lower end of the bargain when it comes to styling your home. But the designs below , prove lavatories don’t have to be boring spaces. The […]

Photomaniac : The Golden Parkade

  Q.1 What is a parkade? It is a  multi-storey car park (also called a parking garage, parking structure, parking ramp, parking building, parking deck or indoor parking) is a building designed for car parking and where there are a number of floors or levels on which parking takes place. It is essentially a stacked car park. Q.2 How do you brand your parkade from other parkades? Create a grand entrance […]

Photo-maniac : Those Who live In Glass House……..

…………… should not throw stones. I get it. Thing is , this is not a glass house. This is a balutrade-less stairway. If you’re wondering , a balustrade is a row of repeating balusters – small posts that support the upper rail of a railing. Its what keeps you from falling off the stairs , which […]

Photomaniac : Home Construction (Ghetto Style)

Blood , they say , is thicker than water. For ghetto families , its way thicker.   Source ;

Venezuela’s Tower of David

Vertical Slums….Seriously?!! I thought slums were horizontally-inclined. But then , there are slums and there are SLUMS. You can’t be a regular slum with 45 stories, million-dollar views and the choice set for one of Hollywood’s, award-winning hit series. Nah , you can’t be a slum. You’re “THE” slum. Add to that , a very befitting […]