Solar City Solar Roof

In 2016 , Elon Musk (Tesla guy) presented a product that would change the way solar power is harnessed and utilized in residential buildings.Rather than the rectangular-shaped panels that hardly complement your house , now you have a solar roof that blends in with the overall look of your house.Pretty-much double-duty roof shingles. Aesthetics and […]

The World’s Tallest Modular Building

Is modular design really the future of the building and construction industry? Some architects and building professionals actually think it is. Like previously discussed , modular design is a system where an entire building is pre-fabricated off-site and then re-assembled in batches on site. What this means is 90% of a building is built in-house […]

Glow-in-the-dark Cement

Its interesting how the world keeps evolving, re-inventing the wheel and breaking new frontiers.You would think successfully landing a space shuttle back on earth was a defining moment in the history of man since we’ve always known for them to just erupt out of earth and never return. Or that trying to exploit asteroids from […]

Vertical Cities

UNICEF predicts that as much as 75% of global population would live in cities by the year 2050.That’s about 34 years from now. Should we be worried? Yes and No. Yes because that means increased demand on resources that make a city…..”A CITY!!!!!!”. And no because there’s an urban design concept that plans to integrate […]

The Ski Block.

Around the world, iconic buildings are known for their unique features.The most common being observation decks.Observation decks are probably a major reason for the never-ending competition on the “tallest building in the world”.Don’t get me wrong.These iconic structures are money-makers as tourist attractions.Like they rake in millions. And we know a couple of them.Burg Al-Arab,Burj […]

Concrete Buildings : Built With Water & Air

When you set out to build a structure (cabin,tree house,container apartment,single family,multi-family,single-storey,multi-storey , condos etc) you spend a considerable amount of time planning. There’s a design on paper to work with. A time frame to complete the project. A set of tools and machinery to carry-out the job. A group of professional(s) involved. These are […]

Are Smart Homes a Smart Move???????

In a previous post , we discussed innovation in real estate and how smart homes were the next “In Thing”.People loved the idea of home automation.You walk into the house and your smart phone does everything else from opening the blinds,turning on the air conditioner ,adjusting the thermostat and suggesting dinner ideas based on available […]

Urine-Repellent Paint

How many times have you walked along a common corridor and suffered an olfactory assault?I mean the stench of urine-soaked walls or pathways. How many times have you had to pick a slight quarrel with strangers who pee-ed on your grounds, your space? Public urination happens almost everywhere. And its bad because it poses a […]

Say Hello To Sam

I don’t know what generation am speaking “from” or “for”.We grew up with wired telephones.The one with a ring you turn around.We also grew up with cable TV, game-boy and Nintendo games. We morphed into the internet , smartphones and high definition T.V. Most of our parents still don’t know how to use the internet. […]

Housing on the Go

Originally designed as emergency shelters , these pods are used as alternative shelter options for events and festivals.Plus , they come with smart locks. Source : ,

Air-Borne Apartments

On this blog , you’ve read the mundane on housing and more is yet to come. Remember , we live in the jet age. Innovation is happening fast. You read of inverted skyscrapers , sub-merged scrapers and now…….air-borne apartments. I’m almost too certain that someday there would be “For Sale & To Let Boards” in space. […]