Micro Housing…..Macro Lifestyle

Tokyo has 13 million residents.Lagos has 21 million residents.Is there a chance tiny spaces is going to be part of the city’s future???? Source:One Square Meter      

Small Home…..Smart Home

Michelle Tennant and Andy Knight had a few things on their wish list for their new home: a large kitchen, a spacious bathtub, a home theater, and a gym. That wouldn’t be a problem in many suburban houses, but the couple wanted to live in the Central district of Hong Kong. They ended up with […]

Tiny Spaces

You thought it was cramped until you tweaked a few things.    

Photo-Maniac: World’s Tiniest Camper Van

It has storage , a micro-office,sleeping area,sink and stove. And yes , its still a concept.Which means technically speaking its not in use yet. But really , someone’s going to sleep in there?????? Source: Yahoo Makers

Egg-Shaped House

“What’s the connection between a newly-hatched chick and human habitation? A cozy shell.” Now that doesn’t sound like Einstein. (but it piqued your interest). In a drive for sustainable living (a.k.a green living) a team of architects have designed an egg-shaped,micro-apartment that is sleek and can be transported from point to point. Tagged the “Ecocapsule” […]

Its all about the Big Apple

Wonder why someone would live in a space this tiny just so they’re a new yorker? Consider these economic facts on new york city. New York’s gross city product is $540 billion dollars in 2009.If NYC were a country, it’s economy would be bigger than Switzerland’s. New York lost fewer jobs in the recession and […]

Mobile Container Homes

As world population increases (a rate of 1.1% as at 2012) , experts are constantly looking at ways to utilize resources and space. Tiny homes are becoming the norm in many parts of the world and perspectives are shifting to green living. For container homes , there’s only so much you can squeeze into a […]

Photo-Maniac : 13 Ways To Liven Up The Lavatory

The convenience or lavatory (toilet / bathroom) is a section of the house solely for the purpose of shit business and washing up. As such , it gets the lower end of the bargain when it comes to styling your home. But the designs below , prove lavatories don’t have to be boring spaces. The […]

245 Square Foot Large

You know what they say? Big things come in small packages. You think so?!!!!! For a home measuring 245 squarefoot and costing $300,000? But hey , its New York right? Like who doesn’t a slice of the big apple? For more , visit here. Source : ny.curbed.com The entrance to the building The living area […]

Less is More

I came across this post “Less is the New More. Making the Most of Small Spaces“. No doubt , these ideas are cute and somewhat reasonable. My question is are these spaces designed for grown men and women or children or tiny grown-ups?   Source / Photo Credit : Stumbleupon