Futuristic Bathrooms

Bathrooms are commonly conceived as either having shower trays or bath tubs.The designs and sizes may vary but its still down to a tray and a tub.And we assumed it was going to stay that way for a long time.Apparently , it isn’t. You see , tech was supposed to disrupt a few things.Print , […]

Photomaniac : Before & After Bath Re-Model

I kinda like the “before” bath. But no harm in something new right.There are actually more pictures to proof new is better than boring. Source: Apartmenttherapy.com  

Photo-Maniac : 13 Ways To Liven Up The Lavatory

The convenience or lavatory (toilet / bathroom) is a section of the house solely for the purpose of shit business and washing up. As such , it gets the lower end of the bargain when it comes to styling your home. But the designs below , prove lavatories don’t have to be boring spaces. The […]