Want a lawn? Limited Space?

Who says your lawn can’t be on your roof ?They clearly weren’t thinking outside the box. Source: YahooHomes

Fancy Trees……Fancy Tree House

Never seen a flower pot the size of  a jacuzzi? Here are a few facts on this fancy tree house Includes 190 mature trees They all are potted The goal of setting up the trees is to reduce noise,clean the air of pollutants and aesthetics It harvests rainwater to irrigate the trees The complex holds […]

Flower Energy

What is flower energy? Flower energy is a special flower that traps and converts solar energy. At least that’s the way I would define it. If you’ve seen Avatar or Titanic , then the name “James Cameron” should ring a bell because he directed both movies. And they are by industry standard , great movies. […]

And It’s Getting Greener

A few years back, no one thought green living would be encouraged. But it’s happening. At the just concluded seminar organized by Pera-Beam Nig. Ltd and LG Electronics Korea, awareness was raised on the need for greener buildings and less use of electricity. By definition , a green building (also known as green construction or […]

Green Climate Fund

What is the green climate fund? The Green Climate Fund (GCF) is a fund within the framework of the UNFCCC founded as a mechanism to transfer money from the developed to the developing world, in order to assist the developing countries in adaptation and mitigation practices to counter climate change. As the world awakens more […]

10 Houses in 24 Hours

How do you build 10 houses in 24 hours? To answer the question , I’m trying to think of the possible shortcuts but I’m blank on this. My answer……its impossible. Except you’re building with lego blocks , there’s no way you can build 10 hours in 24 hours. Digging out the foundation alone , for […]

Sub-Merged Living

Sometime back , I mean wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back , I did a post on a proposed city design where the city center would be an earth-scraper……an inverted skyscraper. Though there’s no update on how far the project has come. But that’s not the focus on today’s post.Today we are looking at sub-merged scrapers. Its like man […]

Vitafoam’s Green Home initiative raises hope for low-income earners

Vitapur Nigeria Limited, the promoter of a new building technology, is a subsidiary of Vitafoam plc, a household name in Nigeria reputed for its quality and durable bed mattresses used in many homes. Vitapur’s Green Homes (prefab) initiative is one opportunity thrown up by the challenges in the housing market which is not only eco-friendly, […]