How To Buy Land In Lagos

The basic needs of man are food, clothes and shelter. One the biggest investment you will make, asides education is a home. This is compounded by the fact that most Nigerians don’t have a house of their own. Of the roughly 150 million Nigerians, over a 100 million don’t have affordable housing. You can read […]

Container Houses!

Have you ever thought of living in a container house? Or a better question is what do you think of container houses.Driving on 3rd mainland bridge,shortly before UBA house,is a parking lot with containers stacked atop each other .I think they are offices rather than homes.But thats not the point.Its an alternative to the expensive […]

5 Reasons this won’t work in Nigeria

    This house is called the mushroom house and believe it or not, it sold for $1 million dollars.Lemme give you time so it sinks.$1 million i.e N150 million.Even if I had N150 million right now , here’s 4 reasons I won’t be spending it on this.

Downsides of the Proposed Lagos State Tenancy Bill (2)

Law 4 “Subject to any provision to the contrary in the agreement between the parties, a business premises agreement shall be taken to provide that where the landlord a) Inhibits the access of the tenant to the premises in any substantial manner b) Takes any action that would substantially alter or inhibit the flow of […]