Most Expensive House in America

What does it take to be the most expensive house in America? 60,500 square feet of living space, with 11 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms. 492 feet of private dock — enough for a 185-foot mega-yacht, according to Coldwell Banker. 22-karat gold leaf on the entrance gate, front door, staircase and kitchen cabinets. 6 waterfalls. 30+ […]

Grenadines Homes

Developing an iconic estate transcends the erection of buildings.It begins with construction of infrastructure which is the bedrock of major developments. At the grenadines heights, major infrastructural development is given top priority ,ensuring your maximum comfort and averting all forms of environmental hazard. The heights is located at Arepo , 5 minutes drive from the […]

Let the Shopping Challenge Begin!

Like what has shopping got to do with real estate. Its synonymous with clothes, gadgets and other material things except…….real estate. I mean , you don’t go shopping for a house.But this post isn’t about the shopping in that sense of the word.Its more like a competition.

Haven Homes- Richmond Gate

What does haven connote? Peace , Calm ,Quiet. An oasis. Haven homes is a property development company known for exquisite home designs.Notable projects are the WhiteHall Courts , Westminster Terrace and Richmond terrace.

Creativity at its Best or Worst!

Just about anything can be tweaked. You can change your hair colour , your style,set a new trend,change your body type and even gender.