Micro Housing…..Macro Lifestyle

Tokyo has 13 million residents.Lagos has 21 million residents.Is there a chance tiny spaces is going to be part of the city’s future???? Source:One Square Meter      

Photo-Maniac : Student Living

Now I can’t really say much about this dwelling unit.But one thing I can say , its not the best option for those on the chubby side. Source: Yahoo Homes

Mobile Container Homes

As world population increases (a rate of 1.1% as at 2012) , experts are constantly looking at ways to utilize resources and space. Tiny homes are becoming the norm in many parts of the world and perspectives are shifting to green living. For container homes , there’s only so much you can squeeze into a […]

245 Square Foot Large

You know what they say? Big things come in small packages. You think so?!!!!! For a home measuring 245 squarefoot and costing $300,000? But hey , its New York right? Like who doesn’t a slice of the big apple? For more , visit here. Source : ny.curbed.com The entrance to the building The living area […]

Car Park Turned Cozy Space

With home prices on a constant hike , architects are driven to create innovative housing solutions specifically tiny, functional spaces that are pocket-friendly. Personally , I thought it ended with container-size homes like how much smaller can it get? Like , much smaller. As small as a 2-car parking space.  How possible is it to […]